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If you are searching the Internet looking for ways to avoid paying your bills – you’ve come to the wrong place.  You can find blogs on how to avoid debt and debt collectors as well as attorneys offering those types of services in every corner of our e-world.

This blog is for the rest of you—those corporations or individuals that have extended credit and have not yet been repaid.  Atkins & Ogle has been helping large companies, small businesses and individuals collect their debts for over 30 years.

Our blog will discuss your rights and obligations as a creditor, the types of services you should expect from an established debt collection law firm and what are considered the “best practices” in today’s industry.

Look forward to answers to questions such as,

Should your law firm charge by the hour or take a commission?

How much communication should you expect from your law firm? 

Where is the line drawn between having a reasonable request and expecting too much?

These questions, as well as yours, will be addressed.

Do you have questions or suggestions for a topic to discuss? Send them to jatkins@atkinsoglelaw.com, subject: blog.

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