Corporate Social Responsibility: Atkins & Ogle in the Community

According to an article by, companies that encourage community involvement distinguish themselves from their competitors and reap the benefits of loyal customers and happier employees. In 2013, Cone Communications and Echo Research reported a study in which they found that 82 percent of American consumers consider corporate social responsibility when deciding which products or services they want to buy.

At Atkins & Ogle Law Offices, LC, social responsibility is part of the fabric of our company not because of our business structure, but because of the type of employees the community provides. Our employees are top notch in their skills and responsibilities, but they are also dedicated to making the Putnam County and surrounding areas a better place.

In the past, Atkins & Ogle has financially supported many sports teams and extracurricular activities in Putnam County. These donations of both time and money include buying advertisements in team programs and yearbooks, sponsoring local t-ball teams and putting together a course on the collections’ process for the Law Explorers, a high school student group run by a local judge.


Managing attorneys Jamie Atkins and Bree Ogle are both currently serving as baseball coaches in the community, and Atkins is the sitting president of the Putnam County Bar Association, which does a lot of behind-the-scenes work for the good of the county, including fundraising for ALS research.

jamie     bree

Atkins & Ogle also provides the opportunity for Putnam County seniors interested in a career in law to complete a work-based experience at the office for a credit toward graduation. Participants gain experiences attending court hearings, listening in on important phone calls and working in an office setting. AO also hires many high school students for part-time, after school positions.

By extension, our employees better the reputation of AO by being involved in other aspects of the community, such as local churches, Putnam County 4-H, career days, planning and executing charitable 5 and 10ks and serving as coaches for wrestling and cheerleading teams. In essence, our employees leave their 9 to 5 job and give of their additional time and resources to make their communities a better place.

While the resonance of community involvement is hard to measure, the second and third degree effects of corporate social responsibility are clear. Doing quality work for our clients while never losing sight of our community responsibilities consistently result in Atkins & Ogle attracting quality employees and upholding a positive reputation in and around the state of West Virginia.

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