In the News 06/30/2015

Beau Runningen, owner and founder of the new debt collection platform Settle4Less, has been developing his site for many years.

An online platform that targets consumers with delinquent debt, Settle4Less recruits creditors, service providers and collections agencies to register in its database and utilize its signature “debt capture method.”

According to Runningen, the debt capture method creates a safe way for consumers to take charge of their debt by offering them the ability to pay what they can without contacting or negotiating with a collector. Consumers can accept a one-time “take it or leave it” amount and pay it off online. Debts covered on the site include credit card, loan, insurance, medical and utility bills. Runningen believes that his method will revolutionize the debt collection industry.

Settle4Less practices are not prohibited under the FDCPA, but it remains unseen how this method will affect the collections industry.

For more information, visit

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