Atkins & Ogle Law Offices, LC is an independent law firm based in West Virginia with a history and specialization in debt collection.

This blog serves as a platform for potential clients or those interested in the field of debt collection to discern how Atkins & Ogle is growing and progressively evolving, how we are keeping up with federal standards, what is going on the realm of debt collection, how collection laws are changing and more.

Since 1981 our firm has represented national and local creditor clients in the legal collection efforts of delinquent debts.  As of 2013, Atkins & Ogle has focused 100% of its efforts on debt collection.  We have invested in infrastructure, technology and industry-leading policies and procedures and are able to handle comprehensive collection matters in the state of West Virginia

Our attorneys are leaders in the field of legal debt collection and can assist in all aspects of representing original and secondary owners, in-state and out-of-state, commercial and individual clients in the recovery of justly-owed debts and also teach continuing education courses for attorneys, paralegals and bankers in the field of debt recovery and are regularly consulted by the Courts in matters of West Virginia collection law.

Experience and hard work are hallmark to our success and make our firm the most time-tested and progressive debt collection law firm in the state of West Virginia.

If you or your corporation has past due receivables in West Virginia, Atkins & Ogle needs to be your collections law firm.

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